and Energy Service Providers

We Have Extensive Industry Experience

Barranca Energy is a leader in understanding wholesale energy markets and how block purchases eventually become competitive retail rates for utility ratepayers. We have have extensive experience on all aspects of the industry.

We intimately understand the End-User

Our strength is being able to communicate regulated T&D, fuel, other retail surcharges and the default generation components. More importantly, understanding how end-users can adapt to ongoing rate changes is fundamental to our core expertise.

We work with large, high-intensity energy users

Over the past 29 years we have had the benefit of working with some of the largest US end-users representing nearly $3 billion in annual utility spend. With hundreds of bid solicitations in over 40 US utility service areas, Barranca Energy can add perspective in the following key areas.

Services we provide for Utility Companies

  • Wholesale Power Bids/RFP Insight
  • Load Following strategies
  • Retail Adders (RA, RPS – Green Energy, Line Losses, Grid Fee’s, etc.)
  • Rate Class Modeling (residential, commercial, industrial, special)
  • Revenue Neutrality Rate Options
  • Assisting End-Users with changing time of use periods.

Services we provide for Energy Service Providers

  • Calculate Energy User Headroom (default generation price)
  • Calculate regulated T&D charges by utility
  • Provide customer specific insight on total cost
  • Provide insights and recommendations for customer acquisition

Barranca Energy Procurement Services, LLC is CA focused and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)