On average, we provide California energy users with 30% in electric “generation” energy savings.


We help energy users reduce energy costs by leveraging wholesale power for retail deregulated electric markets

Barranca Energy infuses scale and access to the top-level Energy Service Provider’s (ESPs) in the deregulated US market. This means that you have priority access to their pricing back office, preferable pricing options, and favorable contract terms.
Procuring wholesale block energy has comparative advantages over “retail” fixed power in that wholesale purchases offers price transparency & liquidity, and the quick ability to build purchases that mimic a retail fixed price in a much more economical fashion. We smartly eliminate the premiums imbedded in retail fixed prices for both power and the necessary adders to deliver.


We help energy users save on energy costs through increasing operational/usage efficiency
We are experts at analyzing energy usage patterns and trends down to a granular level. Barranca Energy starts all of our End User engagements by creating a non-black box model which is hourly interval meter based. We call it a “Supply Equation – Heat Map”. This allows the client to first review operational improvements, at no cost, prior to any proposed energy endeavor.

What other purpose does the “Supply Equation – Heat Map” serve?

  • Visually displays baseline historical hourly monthly usage
  • Accurately models applicable rate and its’ components
  • Convey real project $/KWh savings with actual vendor projections (due diligence)
  • Serves as your most concise forward-looking budgeting tool

Barrance Energy is here for you – Ask us to run a Supply Equation – Heat Map for any of your accounts!