We are a trusted resource for Energy Users, Utility Companies and Energy Service Providers


For energy users we are a turnkey provider of deregulated supply consulting, operational strategies, new project due diligence and green initiative support. We primarily work with high intensity energy users where a large percentage of operational budget is spent on power. To learn more about our process working with energy users

Supply & Operational Savings

Through our extensive relationship with multiple California Energy Service Providers (ESPs) we help deregulated energy users get exclusive pricing at a significantly reduced cost. We also have deep experience in assessing usage trends, identifying easy strategies to optimize energy usage and improve efficiency. On average our clients experience 30% electric generation savings.

New Projects & Green Initiatives

Launching a new building project or looking to meet standards on specific environmental initiatives? We can help, our team has decades of experience in solar install, fuel cell, HVAC, new process equipment, EV Charger and much more. It is part of what a “Supply First” advisor does – we become part of your team in the decision making process.


For Utility Companies we act as as a trusted partner, providing insight into wholesale markets, green power, tariff development and end user communication. For Energy Service Providers (ESPs) we architect energy contracts which are specific to customer segments and service territories. Like to learn more about our work with Utility Companies & ESPs.